HostedCron Info

Here, you'll find more information about our services. If you have a question which is not answered on this page, feel free to

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What is HostedCron

HostedCron is a remote cron service for cronjobs which can be initiated via the web. The most basic description of our service is that we'll fetch a URL at your site up to 10 times per hour. What that URL does is up to you - ideally, it will run some sort of periodic process at your website, such as a component of a CGI script which performs updates to your site.

Who needs HostedCron?

Anyone who runs a CGI script (e.g. a Perl or PHP script) which requires periodic updates, but who does not have access to the cron daemon on his or her webserver. For example, suppose you're running an auction site using a script such as Top Auction, which needs to have its auction expiration script run every 15 minutes. If your webhost doesn't let you use cron to schedule these updates, we can run them for you, by accessing the auction expiration script's URL at your site.

What if the script I need run is not made for web use?

Then you are in luck, we are the only service of our kind that has the ability to automatically generate a Perl or PHP script for our service to call via the web, which will then in turn call your script via the server. This is just another way we strive to be the only hosted crontab service left alive in years to come.

What if I am a complete newbie?

You will be able to use our system. A lot of places can not say this. Their systems are built to do one task and one task only. We designed this system for anyone to be able to jump right in and get started. We even supply you with all kinds of help documentation and resources to learn everything you need to about crontab itself and our service in general.